A Commodore remote jump start terminal and main battery cables fitted in place.

 The 12V battery and its support bracket fitted in place at the rear of the Cobra. The main earth battery cable is bolted to the chassis frame directly behind the battery. The main positive cable pictured on the right of the battery, is secured by rubber insulated P clamps along the chassis and connected to the starter motor solenoid. I then made up a second battery cable of the same size/thickness and connected this battery cable to the starter motor solenoid as well. This cable then ran along the front part of the chassis secured in place by rubber insulated P clamps, then up to the remote jump terminal (Pictured below), which is bolted to the left front inner guard. This remote jump terminal also became the main feed terminal for all the electrical systems I had to connect up for the Cobra.

A Commodore remote jump terminal in the engine bay, the switch on the left of the remote terminal is for an engine bay light, which could come in handy if a break down was to happen.

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