Dyno Tuning of the Cobra.

 With the rear wheels removed, the dyno is bolted straight onto the rear axles.

The boys on the lap top tuning the Cobra.

 A close up of the dyno on the drivers side.

Final results after all alterations completed on the Lap top with a few runs on the dyno.
 290.4 Kw at the rear wheels with 493.5Nm of torque to play with.
Plenty of power for cruising in this Cobra.


  1. Awesome build mate, I have just read your entire blog and enjoyed reading the whole build. I have just order a Classic Revival kit myself. I will definitely return to look at your blog as I go.
    Kind regards

  2. Excellent choice Nigel, you'll find Daniel at Classic Revival a great person to deal with through out your build. When the weather clears up a bit, I'll put some more photos of the Cobra in a completed state on my blog for everyone to see.
    Take care