Side exhaust pipe brackets made up and welded to the exhaust pipe.

 The right hand side exhaust pipe all fitted up looking good. These exhaust pipes due to Victorian law, unfortunately, wont be hooked up and are only for show. I'll be running a two and quarter inch pipe with Lukey mufflers to the rear of the Cobra with CATs at the front.

Left hand side exhaust pipe in place.

 View of four into one pipe setup of side exhaust pipe.

The brackets were bolted in place to the front and rear chassis outriggers ready for a trail fitting of the exhaust side pipe. I then lifted the side pipe in place and when I was happy of the position the side pipe was in I marked out where the brackets had to be welded onto the side pipe.

 Close up of bracket bolted to the outrigger on the chassis.

 Stainless steel brackets welded in place.

Close up of welded bracket.

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