Front guard vent grills and side exhaust pipe exits cut out of the front guards.

These aluminium vent grills I purchased from Finish Line accessories.
The cut-outs in the body for these vent grills needed to be reshaped a little so as to get them to fit.

Vent grill in place with the body vent grill opening cut out to the correct shape.
Two aluminium right angle brackets were glued on the inside of the body on the top and bottom of the vent grill opening. The vent grills were then screwed to these brackets with four 4mm stainless steel screws.

 Next was to measure up where the exhaust pipe exit was going to go. You need your side pipes for this exercise to help get an exact position to cut it out.

As you can see I decided to have a squarish exit for my side pipes. I also made up an aluminium bezel and polished it to enhance the look.

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