LS3 V8 and Tremec TR6060 six speed gearbox bolted up tight.

                               Engine and gear box all in position ready to be bolted together.

All bolted up together with the engine block and oil sump painted.
At this stage I realized the oil sump was the wrong one and would interfere with a chassis cross member if I attempted to fit the engine/gear box into the Cobra. So the correct oil sump was ordered, being a VZ Commodore 6.0L oil sump. The oil reservoir on this oil sump is further to the rear of the engine. 

Some new shiny rocker covers.

All accessories fitted up, the power steering pump had to be relocated inwards so it would not interfere with the left hand inner guard when fitted in place. For this to happen a new hand made bracket had to be made up. This also meant I needed to use a smaller ribbed belt, with the LS1 5.7L ribbed belt being a perfect fit.

More bling added like the power steering reservoir fitted in place, with a good shot of the 140 amp alternator bolted up. New ignition leads were made up as well, for the reason I relocated the ignition coils higher on the engine to show more of my new shiny rocker covers. 

Right hand side of the motor showing the starter motor and engine mounts bolted on. Also I made up the gear box wiring loom and connected it all up ready to plug into the Cobra in car wiring loom.  

Left hand side of engine and gear box with the correct oil sump fitted to the engine and painted. I have also fitted an aluminium billet oil cooler sump adapter to cater for the oil pipes that go to the oil cooler at the front of the Cobra.

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