Hand made centre console with black leather trimming.

 A good percentage of Cobras don't have a console as in keeping with the original AC Cobras look. However, this Cobra is mainly going to be a cruiser rather than a racer. So a console was needed to hold drinks, phones, odds and ends you would take on a road trip. So the challenge was to make the console myself to fit in place to compliment the cabin looks and to be functional. 

 After a visit to the local hardware store to obtain the material I needed, for example some 3 and 5 ply board and triangle shaped rod and a mitre board to cut the angles correctly, I was on my way.
 The drink holders and the loose change container I bought off Ebay were made to fit in a late model  BMW. This suited perfectly for what I wanted to build into the console. The polished aluminium bezel that holds the cup holders in place I cut out of a piece of aluminium sheet I had spare from another job.

 Lift up the console lid and you have a sliding coin holder, with the inside of the console fitted out with grey carpet to complete the internal look.

 A trail fit up to make sure I was happy with the look and fit.
Next step is off to the trimmers to cover this hand made piece in black leather.

 Console completed and covered in black leather sitting in place. For the console lid, the trimmer put some firm foam in it to make the console a nice place to rest your arm when driving.

The leather console matches the leather seats nicely.

 The carbon fibre look gear stick boot matches the dash carbon fibre theme.

A good view from the left hand side.

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