Painting progress of my Cobra in the spray painting booth.

 Stripes being marked out ready to be painted on in the spray painting booth.

 Drivers side view of everything masked off.

 Rear view of where the stripes are going.

Passenger side.


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  2. Using correct painting procedures and masking to minimize unintended overspray, it is possible to prevent paint from spreading to areas of the car that are not meant for painting. Using an adequately ventilated paint booth helps shop owners to save money on paint, solvents, and other materials and equipment by eliminating the need for outside ventilation. With exhaust fans strategically located on the paint booth floor, Downdraft systems should be installed to suck paint particles away from the vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces during the painting process. Additionally, a downdraft system has the advantage of sucking up loose, drifting dust and other debris.