Engine bay and underneath the car painted in Satin Black. HUGE JOB!

 Inside the front cone/nose painted.
 All undercoated and rubbed down.
 Inner guards undercoated and rubbed down.
 All painted
 Inner guards and fire wall completed
Left front inner guard

 Underneath the Cobra completed, the outer sides of the body underneath were the out riggers are have been painted with high temp resistant paint to help prevent the heat from the exhaust penetrating the Cobra floor.
Rear of Cobra finished completes the painting. In hindsight I would get this done before I purchased the Car. Fibreglass is an itchy job to do when rubbing down and I'd prefer someone else to do this job. However, I did it (big job). Inside the wheel arches I also sprayed a bitumen base paint to protect the guards from stone damage.

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