Dash painted and glove box lid made and fitted in place. Body deadener also stuck to the inside of the cabin for road noise reduction.

 The dash fresh back from the painter.

 The gauges/CD and 12V power socket in place, also fitted is the heater demister fan switch.

This strange contraption is a modified 12V electric only two speed fan car heater ready to be bolted in behind the dash. The grey tubes sticking out of the sides connect up to the windscreen demister vents.
The read up of this heater said it was a very good electric only heater. I'm not so sure of that, the fan is very weak as is the heat that exits the vents as well. However, it did get me through engineering.

 Glove box lid in place.

 Glove box with carpet lining in place and rear view of the glove box lid.

 Inside view of the glove box.

 I fitted up my new Nardi steering wheel and rear view mirror as well.

 Front view of the finished dash.

Before I fitted the finished dash in place, I stuck the body deadener material in which will reduce the road noise a bit. This material has a bitumen base and has an adhesive backing that sticks well to the cabin floor. As you can see in the picture above the whole inner cabin was covered.

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