Windscreen wiper motor and wiper mechanism fitted onto the Cobra.

Windscreen wipers x 3 installed to achieve a greater amount of sweep on the windscreen. I attached the exterior bullet shaped mirrors as well to the windscreen frame while I was at it. The mirrors on these Cobra's are what I would call average at best.

 The three wheel boxes fitted to the body with chrome wheel box covers also in place.

The windscreen wiper motor I fitted to the top of the passenger foot well, this is a different spot than what the manual suggested. The reason for this is the glove box I made up didn't leave enough room for the windscreen motor when the dash panel was installed. This task was a fiddly job to do, to get it right the cable tubes had to be cut to the correct length and the tube ends flared. You also had to bend  the tubes in the correct shape so the wiper mechanism could move back and forward freely.

Alloy windscreen washer container I bought off Ebay fitted to the right hand inner guard, all wired in  with the water tube from the pump all connected up to the washer nozzles inside the cabin.

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