New purpose built leather bucket seats for the Cobra.

 One of the leather bucket seats front view I bought from Classic & Sports Interiors in Eltham Victoria. These leather bucket seats are a more traditional look for the Cobra made with a steel seat frame. These seats also come with documents to specify they are ADR compliant.

 The seats are thinner at the base which is important because of the limited room in the Cobra cabin.

 I chose to put my first snake on the head rest, which you can adjust for height if need be. 

 First of many fittings, looks good. These seats although are not as wide as a standard bucket seat are very comfortable and secure you in the Cobra nicely.

Both seats in place with all holes marked out and drilled in the floor. M8 high tensile bolts are used to secure the adjustable seat rails to the floor. Brackets that the M8 high tensile bolts secure the seat too are welded to the chassis below, which is an important ADR requirement.

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