Windscreen was the next job on the list to do.

Windscreen unpacked which arrived from England via Classic Revival.

Windscreen side arm brackets fitted to windscreen frame.

The first job when fitting the windscreen is to work out where the windscreen side arm brackets go through the body (Refer to the Cobra manual of how to do this). Then cut the slotted holes in the correct place in the body. The windscreen side arm brackets can then be fitted down through the slotted holes and bolted to the hoop frame bracket under the body. Make sure you use spacers between the windscreen side arm bracket and hoop bracket (I used washers), if you don't, you run the risk of cracking your windscreen. To set the angle of the windscreen refer to the Cobra Manual for instructions on how to do this task.

Windscreen accessories like wind wings and sun visors are fitted onto the windscreen shown in the  picture above. Notice the bottom of the windscreen, I have fitted the bezels that cover the slotted holes in the body.

Front view of windscreen.

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