Tremec TR6060 six speed gear box painted and ready to be fitted to the LS3 V8 Engine.

 The Tremec TR6060 six speed gear box all cleaned up ready to be painted. I purchased this gear box from a very low kilometre VE Commodore at the wreckers. It had only done 1,500k's and was as new.

 Painted ready to be fitted to the engine. I also fitted a Hurst gear shift assembly into the gear box, this replaces the remote control mechanism that Holden use on the Commodores. Being directly fitted into the gear box, the Hurst gear shift assembly gives a smaller distance between gear shifts. This makes for a quicker shift between gears. 

 Left hand side of the Tremec TR6060 gear box, notice the clutch slave cylinder fluid pipe on the side of the gear box all connected up to the slave cylinder inside the bell housing. I used the original steel pipe setup up with the OEM rubber fluid line utilizing the OEM fluid line hose connection. A braided pipe line then connected to this pipe and up to the clutch master cylinder. Some builders use a single braided pipe line that connects straight from the slave cylinder and up to the clutch master cylinder. This pipe should be connected up before you attach the gear box to the engine. 

The Hurst gear shift set up fitted to the gear box. The gear shift has to be fitted in the forward position on the gear box so it will be in the correct position when installed in the Cobra. The Hurst brand gear shifter assembly fits nicely into the gear box with a sharp smooth shifting action.

The Hurst gear change assembly didn't have a breather valve installed in it, so I used the original one off the centre mount plate I removed. Then installed the breather valve in the base plate shown in the picture above. 

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