Engine wiring harness fitted in place

 I bought the wiring harness from Summit Racing in the States as a plug and play set up. However, when it came to fit it all up the fuse box and ECU was set up to be fitted to the right hand side (No room). I wanted the fuse box and ECU to be fitted in the top of the passenger side foot well inside the car. So some modification was needed to achieve this set up. In hindsight I would get the same wiring loom made up in Australia to avoid this issue.


 LS3 V8 engine all wired up. I tried to hide the wiring loom as much as I could for the reason I don't like the look of wires running everywhere. To do this I fitted the ignition coils on a polished stainless steel plate and I ran the coil and injector wires under this plate to hide them from view. 

 Ignition coils/fuel injectors all connected up. 
Notice I painted the fuel rail for an enhanced look.

This picture shows the wiring loom at the rear of the engine that lead into the cabin to connect to the ECU and fuse box which in turn is connected to the 12V/earth and ignition switch circuit on the inside wiring circuit.

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