Exhaust system next to get made up to suit the Cobra.

 Drivers side hand made 1 3/4" tube extractors fitted up, also shows the steering shaft with the front extractor tube able to be removed if steering shaft needed to be taken out at any time.

 Passenger side extractors.

 Catalytic converter and Lukey muffler fitted up under the Cobra. 

 To fit the exhaust system so as to achieve the correct ground clearance and not have the system damaged by lack of ground clearance, I hade to cut out these openings in the out riggers so the exhaust pipes can fit neatly through them.

 Passenger side out riggers ready for the 2 1/4" exhaust pipes to be fitted in place. It's hard to see in these pictures of the out rigger cut outs but they have been strengthened by welding 3" tube sleeves to them.

 Exhaust system (2 1/4" tube) was removed and painted with heat resistant paint when Cobra was returned home from the exhaust shop.

Extractors showing position of oxygen sensor.

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