New American Racing Equipment Helliwell style wheels for the Cobra.

 After measuring the off sets a number of times for the front and back to make sure I had it right, I went ahead and ordered my wheels through a tyre and wheel dealership who imported them from the States. These rims are an American Racing Equipment brand Helliwell style rim. The size of the rims starting with the rear rims (pic above) 17" x 10" and the front are 17" x 8".

 This is the style of spinner I chose.

 On the front rim I couldn't use the spinner because it protruded outside the guard and didn't meet engineering specs, an alloy cap was used instead for engineering.

Front view of the rim and tyre.
Mickey Thomson Street Comp brand tyre. Front size 245/45R17

 Rear rim and tyre.
Mickey Thomson Street Comp brand tyre. Rear size 275/40R17 

Test fit at the rear with the Mickey Thomson Street Comp tyre on the rim.

Looking good with the new wheels.
The Cobra was then trailered to the wheel alignment workshop in town to get all four wheels aligned ready for its first drive on a public road.

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