IM240 emmissions test for Engineering certificate

 Just about to remove the cover for a trip to Melbourne to an Automotive engineering testing facility to hopefully pass the IM240 emissions test, which is needed to get the Cobra through engineering.

 The Cobra sitting on the dyno. 

 A huge fan in front of the Cobra for cooling the radiator.

 The Cobra all fixed in position on the dyno ready to go.

Exhaust tubes connected up to the exhaust pipes that allow the computer to analyse the amount of emissions emitted. The engineer running this test took the Cobra through all the gears from 0km to 90km and down through the gears to 0km again to simulate normal driving conditions. The computer analysed these exhaust emissions giving a reading of the emissions given by the LS3 V8. Fortunately for me it passed with flying colors, a huge relief.

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