Roll hoops made up to fit with a third leg added on for extra strength. The boot gas struts and brackets made up and installed in boot.

 This task was done over a period of time, the holes for the hoops were first to mark out and cut in with a hole saw.

 Role hoops made of 3" diameter stainless steel tube (3mm thick) set at 320mm high from body to the very top of hoop. I had this made up by a Cobra specialist in Melbourne.

 The third leg made and welded up.

 5mm stainless steel plate and boot gas strut bracket bolted through the fibre glass body and chassis frame.

 Stainless steel Boot brackets in place ready for third leg of roll hoop to be welded in and gas struts to be fitted..

 Third leg in place ready to be welded to bottom bracket with gas strut also fitted.
After all welding was completed the roll hoops were polished and bolted in with high tensile bolts with body hoop bezels in place as well. The third high stop light off a MGB was wired in and fitted at this point as well.
Back view of roll hoop.

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