Wiring of the Cobra was completed at varies times and stages during the build. Wiring is a task I enjoy doing and wanted to challenge myself in doing the wiring on this Cobra. I was also keen to learn more about the engine management side of this task as well. If you find wiring is not something you enjoy or not confident in this area, you are best outsourcing this job to the professionals.

 Front and rear warning lights, make sure they have the E marking on them for engineering down the track.
Rear lights all fitted up and wired in.

On the front lights I removed the head light wiring loom from an EB Falcon at the wreckers with all relays intact. Here you can see the high and low beam relays, horn & radiator fan relays. I put the relays behind the head light for two reasons, one the relays are protected from wet weather and two I am wanting to keep the engine bay declutted with wiring looms as much as possible.

Head light rear cones and park light/indicators fitted.

By using the EB Falcon front wiring loom, all relevant wiring plugs to head lights, park lights and indicators are all available to connect onto the lights.

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